Essential Oils in the Home 促進家居生活的精油

Concerned that your cleansers aren’t so clean? The labels of many mainstream home products like spray disinfectants, hand soaps, and toothpastes reveal toxic ingredients that a growing body of research indicates may be harmful even in small amounts. Think your family deserves better? Young Living agrees.

Our Home category offers safe, essential oil-infused alternatives for products you use every day. Fill your home with cleaning and dental care products you can feel good about.

Oral Care

Smile your brightest with products formulated to help you keep your teeth healthy, and free from harmful mystery chemicals:

Thieves® Fresh Essence™ mouthwash

Refresh Your Home

Keep your home smelling fresh and clear of stale air with healthful air purifying solutions. Our top three diffusers—Aria™, Therapro™, and the redesigned Home Diffuser—make it easy and convenient to purify the air in your home without chemical-laden aerosol fresheners.

Simply add 10-20 drops of Thieves®, Peace & Calming, or Purification to your diffuser and allow these clean, refreshing scents to fill your home.

擔心清潔劑不夠純淨?許多主流的家用產品 (例如噴霧消毒劑、洗手皂和牙膏等) 標籤上均顯示有毒的成分,而越來越多的研究指出即使低劑量使用也可能有害。覺得您的家人值得用更好的產品?Young Living 非常同意。




Thieves® Fresh Essence™ 漱口水


藉由健康的空氣淨化產品,讓居家清新舒爽,室內空氣再也不會悶滯不流通。我們三款頂級的噴霧機 - Aria™、Therapro™ 和重新設計的居家噴霧機 - 能讓您輕鬆便利地淨化居家空氣品質,而不需使用充滿了化學物質的噴霧空氣芳香劑。

只需在噴霧器中加入 10-20 滴的 Thieves®、Peace & Calming 或 Purification,家中就會充滿清新舒爽的香氛。