Keep focus fun with Young Living’s AromaSpinner. This innovative take on the popular fidget spinner. The AromaSpinner is an engaging new way to diffuse Young Living’s pure essential oils and a welcome outlet for built-up energy. Use the spinner’s three custom-designed aroma buttons to create your own blends and spin through a challenging assignment, a busy weekend, or into relaxation.

*This product is lead free

This product includes:

  • AromaSpinner
  • Aroma Buttons

Fo additional aroma buttons, purchase the AromaSpinner™ Accessory Pack (Item No. 23233).


How to Use

  • Apply 1–2 drops of essential oil to the pad of each aroma button and allow a few seconds for the oil to absorb into the pad. Spin and breathe deeply.
  • Keep away from eyes and out of reach of small children.
  • Warning: Choking Hazard- Small Parts (Not for children under the age of 3)


Young Living將創意靈感結合風魔全球的指尖陀螺,讓您在保持高度集中的同時不忘放鬆心情。AromaSpinner 香氣指尖陀螺的設計將Young Living 的精油融合於玩味當中,幫助紓緩生活壓力。陀螺上設有3個特別設計的擴香墊座,讓您隨時隨地調較屬於自己的精油組合,並輕輕旋轉陀螺,讓香氣陪您渡過每天的挑戰、忙碌與休閒。

*This product is lead free 此產品不含鉛

如需要額外擴香墊座,您可以購買 Aroma Spinner Accessory Pack香氣指尖陀螺擴香墊 (Item No. 23233)。

  • 香氣指尖陀螺
  • 3個擴香墊座



  • 把1至2滴精油塗抹在各擴香墊上,等候數秒鐘讓擴香墊的棉片充分吸收精油,然後輕輕旋轉陀螺,感受您的專屬香氣。
  • 請AromaSpinner香氣指尖陀螺將遠離眼睛,及放置於幼兒不易觸及的地方。
  • 警告:含有可能引致窒息的小部件 (不適合3歲以下之小童)

AromaSpinner AromaSpinner香氣指尖陀螺