芳療師的精油生活 by Aromatherapist

從工程師變成了芳療師 From Engineer to Aromatherapist






豈料,原來芳療學問甚多,適當地使用精油可以有很多功效,例如増強免疫力,精神更集中,護膚 ,情緖舒緩等等數之不盡,亦自此之後,我們一家慢慢地遠離了醫生、診所及醫院!




I was good at Math and Science when I was young. After graduating from high school, I chose the Department of Engineering of the University of Hong Kong and obtained her Bachelor and Master of First Class Honours. After graduating from university, I worked as a mechanical and electrical engineering consultant for ten years. The career path was very smooth and I easily obtained the qualifications of a registered engineer in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. However, since the birth of three children, I feel that the working hours are too long. When the children go home every day after they return home and have no time to get along with them, I decided to abandon my high-paying job to be a full-time mother!

When I was a mother, I found that my biggest annoyance was the health and behavior problems of children. When I went to kindergarten, I saw a doctor every two weeks. My kids kept getting sick. Sometimes, even the helpers get sick. Basically, my children's kindergarten years were torture to me. That was until until the children went to primary school and I discovered Young Living. At that time, I knew nothing about Aromatherapy. I thought those smells can only make the home more comfortable to live in or make you more relaxed when doing spa! When a friend asked me to buy a set of more than $1000 of YL products including a diffuser, I thought the price was fair and essential oils might actually be essential to my home!

Unexpectedly, many of the original aromatherapy knowledge, proper use of essential oils can have many amazing effects, such as boosting up your immune system, more mental concentration, skin care, emotional ease etc. and since then, our family has slowly gotten away from doctors, clinics and hospitals!

As an engineer, of course, I had a habit of making a thorough investigation. Just like that, I decided to take an international aromatherapist professional course and obtained various qualifications. Later, I went to Taiwan to study the qualification of aromatherapy product technician. Turning your health and interests into work, you can still spend enough time with your family every day, the aromatherapist's job is really great!

Health is priceless. We also hope that the people around us and those we love are in good shape and free from external environmental pollution. I also hope to use our abilities to promote natural and healthy lives for everyone!


Promote natural and healthy life.

Away from harmful substances.









英國CIBTAC 解剖、生理及病理學文憑(Honour)

英國Ofqual(Level 4) 解剖、生理及病理學證書



日本Aroma Fragrance Stone協會認可導師及發牌導師


HKU BEng (EEE) (Hons)

HKU MSc(Building Services)



Tutor and member of IFA Aromatherapy Diploma

Member of Naha Aromatherapy Certificate

Member of IAAMA Aromatherapy Certificate

CIBTAC Diploma in A&P

Ofqual (Level 4) Certificate in A&P

Rehabilitation Aromatherapist in China

Certified Tutor of Taiwan Cultural and Creative Arts Promotion Association

Certified Tutor of Japan Aroma Fragrance Stone Association

Trainer of TQUK (Level 4) Diaploma in Natural Aromatherapy Handcrafts and Arts

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